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Elk Grove Civic Center, United States

Friday 01 Apr 2011

A star is born...

All images Zaha Hadid Architects / Stantec 
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21/07/11 Jess, London
I love all of Zaha's other prohects but this one.... it just seems a bit much and confusing if you ask me. Looking at the plans, it just seems like one big collection of rooms positioned randomly, and plonked in the middle of nowhere. I do like the incorporation of the road under the arch, allowing easy access though.
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16/04/11 A Former Sacramento Architect, Honolulu, HI
What a JOKE! Zaha Hadid needs to go back to the galaxy she came from. And shame on the City of Elk Grove to even consider this archaic proposal for one second as an appropriate representation of this region.
15/04/11 Andrew Charles Yanoviak, AIA, Honolulu, Hawaii
Super Congratulations to Internationally Acclaimed Architect-Planner Extraordinaire Zaha Hadid and Her Stellar Environmental Planning and Architectural Design Team, as well as to the Elk Grove, California Community Members and Visionary Leaders for Their Selective 'Eye' and Commendable Support of what Appears to be a GREAT FORESIGHTFUL Contemporary Project!

Context Involves not only the Off-site City-Townscape and Infrastructure, but also the Ecological Domain and Economic Constraints and Opportunities, as well as the Strategic Planning and Architectural Programming Elements that Creatively Nurture GREAT ARCHITECTURE!

In so many Remarkably Distinguished Exemplary and Eloquent Masterpieces in Architectural History, Architects, Urban Designers, City Planners and Historians Continue to Marvel over the Artistic, Scientific, Philosophical and Technological Contributions of the Project's Leading Decisive Architect for Generations -- within the Context of Prior and Subsequent Works -- while Studiously Researching Other Implicit and Explicit Contextual Influences that may or may not Affect Strategic Environmental Planning and Design Decisions!

Further, with Well Preserved Great Works of Historic Architecture, the Built and Landscaped Urban Context is often Retrospectively Long Gone, and the Appreciative Viewer must Rely on Treatises by Introspective Scholars and Their Own Imaginations to Paint and Sculpt the Contextual Architectural Masterpiece being Imaginatively Conceived and Design-Detailed Specifically in this Instance, for the Elk Grove Site by a Master Architect such as Zaha Hadid!

Andrew Charles Yanoviak, AIA
Honolulu, Hawaii
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14/04/11 Erika, Elk Grove, CA
I think its beautiful. It looks almost like a flower sitting lightly on the Earth - which I think is good for this region. There is a lot of agriculture and open spaces. Will it be built though? I hope so - but not all residents are as forward thinking. I disagree with guy who says it needs to "tie in to some greater masterplan". Iconic buildings like this become part of a city's history. Other designs will tie into this.
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07/04/11 Davis, manchester
A very beautiful building; Elk Gove would come to like it and will be envy of all America.
05/04/11 Peggy Golden, Fairfax
Looking closely at the photos I was hoping the morphic shape was to ease pedestrian traffic into the facility from any direction. Parking is always difficult & you need to walk from one side of the structure to the other. When you view the street scene however this is not the case. This does not feel right to me for a suburban location just outside a larger city - California West Coast design or not. It appears to be dropped in without any concern for neighboring structures
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Elk Grove City Council selects site scenario for civic centre from Zaha Hadid Architects following multiple public workshops 

Just south of California’s state capital Sacramento, Elk Grove is a modest city with big ideas for the future. Back in 2006, the City Council launched an international design competition for a contemporary civic centre which could be moulded by its residents and provide a community hub for the city.

London-based Zaha Hadid Architects was selected for the job, hand-picked out of 23 sterling proposals from around the world, with local practitioners Stantec to work as Executive Architects. Soon after the selection, Elk Grove embarked upon a comprehensive consultation process with telephone surveys, online questionnaires and multiple interactive workshops, and AECom was requested to undertake a thorough financial analysis.

This examination period lasted for two years and generated a healthy list of amenities desired by local residents, including: a library; children’s museum; hotel; conference centre; performing arts facilities; and a sports field. In December of last year, Zaha Hadid Architects led a public workshop where three differing design scenarios were presented.

No specifics were formulated by this point, simply basic concepts such as a cluster of buildings near Elk Grove Boulevard pared against an even spread of facilities. Two months later the team returned with two advanced versions of the original concept designs, addressing the gathered residents as clients. Distribution of amenities was top priority at this point, with a public forum created to encourage visitors to share honest opinions of Zaha Hadid Architects’ proposals.

This week, the City Council met to decide on a final scenario. The design selected clusters the facilities at the northern end of the site, leaving the remainder of the location open for sport-based amenities which it is hoped will generate additional funds for the city. Although the chosen concept is still to undergo additional refinement, some stakeholders have already aired their views on what has been termed ‘an octopus plus a starfish’ proposal.

Jeremiah Shaffer told the Elk Grove Citizen: “This project appears to me to look like a short-term civic centre and not how you want to develop the city afterward. This needs to tie into some greater masterplan. Elk Grove can think big. I know that it’s not designed, but it’s very limited to the near future and it’s short-sighted.”

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