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High School Number 9, Los Angeles Unified School District, California, United States

Monday 19 Nov 2007

Cool school worth waiting for

Image credits: Coop Himmel(b)lau, Tom Bonner, ISOCHROM.com & John Linden 
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08/02/11 MadMommy, LA
This is a HIGH SCHOOL. If the local students haven't ever been exposed to the arts, it's pretty far down the educational road to start once they reach the 9th grade. Arts training needs to begin in elementary school, developed more in middle school and when they are in high school, they should have some real ability developed. It's okay to have some outreach as an elective, but it's like expecting a 1st grade student to do algebra equations, there needs to be a LOT of instruction to get to that level. The audition process should allow for the most talented and accomplished students to rise to the top of the list. The teachers should be the best in the city too!

But Ms. Garcia has decided that the most talented arts students shouldn't have the school that was built to serve them. She has decided that this school is going to be used the way SHE wants. Sad really. Not only for the kids, but when a facility like this can be manipulated to serve a single person's whim, it send a very negative message to everyone, that Ms. Garcia doesn't care about the students in the arts community at all, only her own personal agenda.
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14/09/09 Michael, Los Angeles
This school is amazing, but are A$$-wholes they only accepted local and told no other schools about them opening, leaving all other artistic students out of the area to rot in good for nothing schools, their objective was to give everyone a chance artist or not, but they didn't give a chance to kids out of the Belmont school zone...:(
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Coop Himmelb(l)au’s Los Angeles Flagship High School delayed one year 

The much anticipated October opening of the LA based Flagship School for the Visual and Performance Arts, also known as High School # 9 of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), has been delayed a year. The new campus, designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au in a growing cultural district in the vicinity of the Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall and the Moneo- designed Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels. When completed, the school will provide space for four academies for education in music, dance, theatre arts and visual arts and a theatre for 1,000 visitors. Coop Himmelb(l)au’s proposal envisions a tower as a symbol for the arts in the city and a sign for positive development of the arts, education and our society. As an extension of the public lobby, the tower, which on its top provides a conference room with a view across the city, will encourage students to have a positive outlook on the future. The tower’s sculpture is completed with a spiral ramp in the form of a number 9 and two billboards, which serve as both signage and information interface for the school. A crystalline public lobby which doubles as a theatre or exhibition area, serves as the public face of the school while a representational entrance via a grand open staircase addresses the community. Inside the campus, a cone shape form that serves as the focal point of the central courtyard,will hold a library dubbed the “Space of Knowledge. The $171 Million project is expected to open in late 2008.

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COOP HIMMELB(L)AU Wolf D. Prix & Partner ZT GmbH

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