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Rieder Slat Wall

Monday 17 Jan 2011

Rieder Slat Wall

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Rieder create a new slat wall system to rival predecessors 

The Rieder Slat Wall is a thin glass fibre concrete panel that comes in handy slat size (1800 x 147 x 13 mm).The best feature is that the slats are easy to install and never need a fresh coat of paint and the absolute fire resistance of the material makes it a safe alternative to wooden slats. The fact that the product is not treated with any toxic or harmful substances and the resource-efficient production methods make it a sustainable product. Unlike wood and other materials, the glass fibre concrete does not show any signs of wear and is not changed by environmental influences. The colour pigments used to dye the concrete are UV-resistant, and depending on weather and light conditions, this ensures minimum changes of the colour intensity compared to other materials.

The atelier R was clad with the new slat wall system from Rieder. The challenge was to find a cladding solution that fits the rural environment. The atelier is located on a hill, integrated in a mountain farm. The modern main building was realised with reluctant forms and fitting colours, but the wooden facade wore off very fast. For the atelier the architect wanted to come up with a solution that goes with the wooden slats and the farm surroundings but still implements the high design anticipation in combination with a material that does not need maintenance. The advancement of creating a glass fibre concrete slat with the stated high-tech features smoothed the way to reach this goal.
In addition to the classic Rieder product, fibreC large-format slabs (1.2 m x 2.5 m or 3.6 m) and its application in interior spaces (floors, walls, ceilings), the glass fibre concrete now comes in the form of narrow concrete slats. Combining the new standard size with the well-proven properties and high quality of fibreC, these panels offer entirely new applications for concrete as a building material. The absolute fire resistance of the material makes the Slat Wall a safe alternative to wooden slat walls. The glass fibre concrete does not show any signs of wear and is not changed by environmental influences.

The concrete panels, which are 13 mm thin and have a size of 147 mm x 1,800 mm, are available in ten standard colours. The slats which are dyed throughout have a pleasant haptic quality owing to their sandblasted surface and a very authentic and attractive appearance, ensuring the natural properties of this pure building material are retained. The slats are very lightweight for a concrete product and can be cut to size and processed directly at the building site where they are installed. They can be mounted with colour-matched screws and rivets or with concealed fastenings. No heavy equipment for hoisting and mounting the concrete slats to the facade is necessary for the installation of the glass fibre concrete slats. Working with concrete has never been so easy.
The Slat Wall has extended the Rieder product range with a versatile product that is not only absolutely fire-resistant and extremely durable, but also very attractive and easy to handle.

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