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ArchiCAD 14

Monday 17 Jan 2011


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GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD with BIM Server is a unique solution for model-based architectural team collaboration. 

GRAPHISOFT has the longest experience in developing BIM solutions. Since 1982, over 1 million BIM projects have been completed with ArchiCAD. ArchiCAD supports open design collaboration internally and externally. GRAPHISOFT is committed to supporting the IFC format, to share BIM models with other disciplines such as structural or MEP engineers and energy analysis experts.

GRAPHISOFT's DELTA-serverTM technology dramatically decreases network traffic, making BIM projects accessible through standard Internet connections from anywhere in the world. ArchiCAD's Teamwork, with on-demand element access and server-level conflict management, combines the flexibility of 2D workflows with the coordination power of the model-based world.
Sold in 102 countries ArchiCAD has 17 language versions and 26 localizations. More than 150.000 architects are using it in different fields of the building industry.

The active server component provides solutions to one of the most feared problems of shared projects - data corruption originating from a faulty client workstation propagated through the entire network during synchronization. The active server component has built-in safety processes to ensure that any data included in the central BIM project is clean of data corruption. In contrast to the Active BIM server, other generic network optimization solutions do not have this intelligence. Continuous internal and external (involving live projects) tests are performed manually or automatically on the code and the program features.

ArchiCAD has been designed by architects for architects to provide a solution for the entire architectural design workflow, including modelling, documentation and visualization. It is acknowledged for its intuitive UI, intelligent design tools, localized content and integrated documentation workflow. Other work-sharing offerings are mostly file-server based solutions where client computers exchange and synchronize entire project data with passive file servers resulting in long waiting times and limited workflow flexibility. GRAPHISOFT BIM Server introduced a revolutionary solution for model-based team collaboration. The intelligent Delta ServerTM reduces network traffic for instant and reliable data-exchange within the office and over the Internet.


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