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Monday 17 Jan 2011


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The Drainwave TM is a sewer dosing unit which causes pulse flooding of the pipes. 

The world wide focus on water saving has reduced flow through the drains, leading to blockages. The Drainwave TM resolves this problem and paves the way for low water use technologies (such as ultra low flush toilets and low water usage shower heads), without compromising drain lines (that are not designed for reduced water flow). The other major advantage of the product is that it allows sewerage pipes to be laid at lower gradients without risk of pipe blockage. This has practical benefits for difficult flat sites and overall cost saving benefits for all sites because less excavation work is required.

The product has been installed on a number of R and M Jackson Architectural Drawing sites; enabling households to be designed to maximise water saving in a number of Hobart residential sites; and saving excavation costs on a number of flatter sites on the eastern shore of Hobart. The product is also operating at a number of other strategic sites, including a number of residential sites in Tasmania and Queensland, a school in Ireland, housing department units and a group home for the intellectually disabled.

The design has the following features:
* Design of enclosure to prevent any residue/waste build up inside the device

* Lid mounted baffles to reduce the velocity of the water entering the device, typically when water enters from higher levels.

* Design of inlet pipe work and bucket hanging assembly which significantly reduces the number of components and moulds required.

* Bucket pivot clamp design to prevent the bucket floating off the seating brackets in the event of a sewer blockage and the device filling up with water

The Drainwave paves the way for the introduction of ultra low flush toilets (averaging little over a litre of water). These toilets have not been legal in Australia because of concerns raised about their ability to clear the waste; the Drainwave will eliminate this risk. Draft ANZ TS 5200.505 will allow for the introduction of ultra low flush toilets in Australia and NZ.

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