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Centre for Promotion of Science, Serbia

Friday 14 Jan 2011

A stroke of genius

Isochrom, Armin Hess 
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09/05/11 Nenad, Belgrade, Serbia
It shows that author does not know the terrain. It will be too hot and Sun fried during summer, and too cold and too windy during winter. I live very near. Pitty that we will lose parks and playground for this.
16/02/11 Mike Wee, Singapore
This structure invites curiosity because it does not defining the message what actually it stands for - UFO museum?, war memorial? - other than unique structure at first glance it's quite boring actually
22/01/11 J Gyory, Columbus, OH
This is architecture for the moon. The embodied energy spent lifting the building off the ground will be greater than any so-called savings. Looks like a cold, windy place.
18/01/11 javier martinez, montreal
IIt It is with a certain scepticism that I see more and more architecture of non sense.
In this particular case,
The site may stay green but the effort of lifting a building like this is certainly not!
We should (as conscious professionals) stop this non modernist approach.
We do not respect ourselves nore we respect the planet.
If To achieve a supposedly green approach, the energy consomption to support this ridiculous project will be far more criminal than the two flowers and grass that it will preserve.

Please, lets become responsables and do not venerate any more any kind of flying boxes

Javier Martinez
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15/01/11 graham nelson, Seattle
it's fine that it's off the ground, but why is it hideous to look at? it looks like an unfinished program/massing study. cue people making excuses for bad architecture


Wolfgang Tschapeller's floating proposal selected for Centre of Promotion of Science 

A competition jury for the Centre of Promotion of Science unanimously selected Austrian architect Wolfgang Tschapeller’s floating proposal for the urban development of Blok 39, Serbia. Tschapeller’s concept comprises a sprawling white structure where only supporting pillars and circulation facilities touch the ground. This elevated approach ensures that the majority of groud level space allows for free vision.

The competition brief states that the Centre must ‘facilitate scientific education, a continuous training as well as social and economic growth, both with direct action, and in partnership with other actors’. Winning architect Tschapeller suggests that the new complex must also be a symbol of optimisim for the city of Belgrade, solidifying an education-based identity for the local community.

65% of the site will remain green with all parking and serving functions based below ground. A vast range of both local and exotic plants will be incorporated into the surrounding landscape alongside waterlines, bike routes and jogging paths. The underside of the Centre will have mirroring qualities ‘to reflect all the movement on the ground as well as the visitor who by entering the centre is penetrating the reflections of the earth’s surface’.


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Wolfgang Tschapeller

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