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Alpha Decay Pavilion, Tijuana, Mexico

Wednesday 12 Jan 2011

A temporary measure...

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Artistic-architectural intervention by artist Shinpei Takeda and architect Gabriel Martínez explores the effects of atomic power 

Alpha decay is the latest work by Shinpei Takeda – a Japanese artist based in Tijuana for the last 6 years. His work brings together his process of investigation, internalisation, comprehensive analysis of the destruction, and its traces in the body and the memory.

The temporary yet decidedly-invasive artistic-architectural intervention is housed in a cardboard pavilion designed by architect Gabriel Martínez reactivates the intimate and collective sentiments of the repercussion of the atomic bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945. In it, the audience is asked to reflect upon time, transience, survival, history and testimonials. Between demolitions, a 570 sq ft pavilion of cardboard exposes his proper fragility.

The cardboard - material frequently used as a protector and receive in precarious conditions - was chosen by the architect to offer shelter to the artistic intervention of Takeda. The subtle texture of the cardboard offers to the body and the look a sincere and hospitable experience. On the outside of each box of cardboard Takeda traced in graphite the vibration of the bell of voice of 23 surviving. The form of the pavilion box of resonance emulates two of the internal organs more affected by the radiations - stomach and matrix.

The transparent membrane that covers his outside causes a visual game luminous that in determined hours of day seems to disappear the building met aphorising his existence temporal and caducity. The sealing upward of the pavilion invokes the reverential sense that suggests to the body the entrance to a sanctuary-slightly inclined and in silence. The subtle design of exterior cover of the ceiling remembers the flow water of the rivers Hiroshima and Nagasaki covering the plots testimonials that the space diagram; invocation in texture on the potential redemption of the water.


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