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Y-BIO chill-out colony, Crimea, Ukraine

Monday 10 Jan 2011

Foundation-free living

Y-BIO [archinoma] 
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Y-BIO swinging house lulls inhabitant to sleep as it sways in naturals elements 

Archinoma group presents its temporary structure ‘Y-BIO' as ‘a story about a new way to build a nature friendly habitation in the open air'. The so-called ‘colony' consists of demountable modules that remain stable without an permanent foundation footing and swing in the morning airflow.

In addition, Y-BIO central house is hung up with 3 chains to 3 vertexes of 3 tetrahedrons and doesn't touch the ground. Y-BIO carcass has extra strength, so as each module is the tetrahedral or octahedral frame by its nature.

Together they turn into a regular fractal pyramid that extends according to ‘Sierpinski pyramid' mathematical model. The bearing structural elements are made of steel tubes and attached one to another with help of Shelest joint.

Thanks to Alix Shelest' fresh idea it became possible to connect 14 metal tubes in one joint. Known as the ARCHINOMA system this allows extra-strong demountable architectural fractals of any size and shape. The first experiment with ARCHINOMA system was held at the Black Sea coast. This was Y-BIO chill-out colony in Crimea.


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