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Single family House in Burow, Burów, Poland

Thursday 30 Dec 2010

Plane & simple...

WIZJA Sp. Z o.o. / arch.Stanisław Deńko / www.wizja.krakow.pl / photographs - Wojciech Kry 
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Award Entry

WIZJA completes a contemporary interpretation of a traditional single family house. 

The house is situated in Burow, a village that lies in vicinity of Krakow, Poland. The site is placed on a south-facing slope that is gently descending towards a valley, one of the characteristic features of the regional landscape.

The main idea behind the project, was to create a contemporary interpretation of a traditional single family house of the Małopolska region. In an attempt to achieve this, the architects have simplified the local building form through a search for clear building edges. The façade materials were restricted to Siberian larch accompanied by glass.

The retaining wall in the southern part of the site, was made from raw reinforced concrete. One of the most noticeable building’s features is a 3.2 x 4.5 m window that came from a clients desire to have a panoramic view from the living room onto a distant airport, which enables watching airplanes take off and land.

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"WIZJA" Sp. Z o.o.

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