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Mei Jiang Nan Waterfront Community, Tianjin, China

Wednesday 29 Dec 2010

The smart way forward...

Allied Architects International 
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Allied Architects International strive for sustainable urban architecture in China 

Chinese cities are experiencing not only positive effects of the fast growing economy. They often lack human scale as a consequence of an abrupt development based on simplified modernistic planning principles of 20th century. As a reaction, the Allied Architects International strives to apply smart urban design strategies as the main approach to the CORSO residential development. The idea of the CORSO creates the sense of a unique, livable place and as such a unique residential development. Engaging the lakefront as 'the main anchor', it introduces a one-of-a-kind urban destination not only to the local residents but to the whole city.

Looking for prime examples of satisfying urban settings, we often point towards historical settlements. Similarly, the idea behind Mei Jiang Nan Waterfront Community is to create a new feature inspired by the archetypical Mediterranean main street which traditionally acted as a meeting point of a whole community – the CORSO. Nestled among 100-metre tall residential high-rises, it offers space to small art galleries, studios or offices. As well, it accommodates SOHO (live-work) units of young professionals and a small boutique hotel on the edge of the man-made lake.

The gardens on top of the parking garages behind the CORSO buildings provide elevated enclaves of private landscaped areas accessed only by the residents of the complex. Because Chinese residential developments are traditionally gated communities, this vertical split provides separation from fully public space of the CORSO without any wall or fence. Low-rise buildings of the CORSO also complement very well clusters of villas in the south part of the site.

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Allied Architects International

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