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Sumikiri-House, Amagasaki-City, Japan

Wednesday 29 Dec 2010

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y+M design office Co.Ltd. 
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New home in Japan designed around relationships with the neighbouring community 

The house is located in a residential area where there are old-style tenement houses in Amagasaki-city, Hyogo-prefecture, Japan. Around there the width of road is narrow (about 4 metres) and houses are densely situated with poor views. The client’s grandparents, childhood friends and fellow pupils live in the same area, so the client has good neighbourly relations with them. The architects planned to build the house on an 80-sq-m corner site to produce a joyful life for the client with their children in their familiar area.

The architects cut the corner at the ground floor to provide garaging space - this also creates a nice space with good visibility, even in the dense area, to ensure security and reduce the oppressing feeling there. They also used plain-woven iron grating on the façade over the corner cutoff to provide a relaxed feeling by mixing the iron’s robustness and the woven fabric’s softness. The upper side of the corner cutoff is designed to a moderate size which is not oppressive but offers good views.

The plain-woven grating of the façade has a moderate balance of security and transparency and it ensures both the client’s privacy and good relations with their grandparents and neighbours. Through the grating they can easily have a conversation between the client family inside the house and neighbours outside. Although the grating works as a partition, it provides brightness and contrast with the inside room, which is not so large.

Future plans have been made to plant some greens on the grating, helping to adjust sunshine inlet in both summer and winter and reduce thermal loading. The spaces between the grating get larger toward the top of the grid to produce brightness and an opened feeling at the upper side. In R-floor the architects design the room with no dead ends for migration. The roof is a bit thin so that it can be used as a table, allowing the client to deepen exchanges with their friends by enjoying an afternoon tea and snack while chatting around the table.


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Status "Sumikiri- House" maintain moderate human relations
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y+M design office Co.Ltd.

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