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World Architecture Day 2014
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Skyscraper Theme Park, New York, United States 
Tuesday 28 Dec 2010
Scream if you want to go faster 
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New York architect reveals sustainable, vertical urban theme park concept 

Ju-Hyun Kim, a New York based Architect, has proposed a new approach to building theme parks - vertically.This skyscraper theme park project argues that there can only be benefits to building theme parks in a upright manner.

Benefits include the fact that the theme park is close to where people live, reducing the need for long distance travel, and the environmental impact this creates, as well as having only a small footprint on the land. Theme parks are always stretched out over large plots of land, but in this skyscraper theme park concept, this is limited to the foot of the tower. The benefit doesn't stop at the sustainability.

'Density' of the existing urban conditions will make theme park more exciting place. 'Height' of the vertically stacked theme park will also help to enhance theme park experiences to the visitors. The skyscraper theme park promises to be the new prototype, innovative landmark of the cities of tomorrow.

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Status Planning
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Ju-Hyun Kim

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