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Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia

Monday 22 Oct 2007

An Hungarian design

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PiKaSch Architecture Studio design for the Museum of contemporary Art of Vojvodina 

PiKaSch Architecture Studio designs a new space for modern art onto the border of two primary matters. The form of the building symbolizes - creative power of the land, the communication – the magnetic power of Danube, the structure – the flexibility of living material. The idea of the shell of the building is based on the flakes of drying slime, after water receded from – visible several places on the river flats next to the site. The gaps between the flake slabs give obvious solution to get natural light under the membrane. But at night the same cracks let electric light out, to form interesting effect to the environment. The main, widest crack – which is not covered – symbolizes an affluent bending through the plain to the stream Danube. It is the main communication line of the building, providing first an out-door foyer, then an in-door lobby. The mouth is divided on different functional branches, as multipurpose area, refreshment area and stairs leading to exhibition spaces – placed on different levels. From the upper „deck“ is the water surface of the Danube visible. This line divides the functions on two groups too, approaching to the entrance on the left are the public spaces (expositions) and on the right the service areas. The position of the building on the plot emphasizes the link between the industrial city life and the ever natural elements of the surroundings. The museum garden is proposed to be a public park to let the green area of the city reaching the Danube.

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PiKaSch Architecture Studio

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