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Exhale Pavilion, Miami, United States

Friday 03 Dec 2010

Take a breath

Robin Hill 
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08/01/11 Marc, Columbus
Juan is right, the sound system was absolutely horrible. Whoever set it up knew nothing about large venues and why the speed of sound and surface reflections are important considerations. There was a dance party the night we went to the exhibit, but guess what... nobody was dancing, primarily because it always sounded like two different songs were playing at the same time. Really killed it for me, which is unfortunate because I'm assuming that wasn't the architects' fault.
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07/12/10 Auerbach F.A.I.A., CHEVY CHASE, MD
Kindly explain what the devil is a building whose purpose "to encourage the publics awareness of the environment". People do that just walking down a
street ! Or sitting in a restaurant ! As Breuer, long ago at a seminar at MOMA, said of a short discourse by my friend Vince Scully: " I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!" AND HE THEN SIMPLY SAT DOWN.
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07/12/10 juan, miami beach
It would have been nice to be able to experience this exhibit in a quiet, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere. However, on Saturday night there was a musician playing that was so not appropriate to the venue... think Marilin Mason's kid brother on 2 cases of Red Bull! To further obliterate the experience, the sound system was sub-par. Needless to say, the effects of the soothing ropes of light were completely lost.
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Interactive light display for Art Basel Miami Beach encourages environmental awareness 

The annual Art Basel Miami Beach has once again transformed the sandy beachfront of this vibrant city with a four day celebration of contemporary art. Joint competition winners Phu Hoang Office and Rachely Rotem Studio have transformed 25,000 sq ft of the coastline with an interactive light display which harnesses the natural elements to illuminate a public space.

An artistic network of reflective and phosphorescent light ropes creates a canopy that moves in the gentle breezes wafting in off the sea. Totalling seven miles, the ‘floating ropes’ are activated by wind-speed sensors. When a specific wind speed is detected, the adjacent ultraviolet lights are momentarily activated, ‘charging’ a field of glowing phosphorescent ropes. Likewise, lower level lighting becomes ‘charged’ when an individual blows on it, activating neighbouring ropes.

Underneath this canopy of illumination is a hammock clearing, where visitors to the contemporary art fair can relax, socialise and enjoy the glowing display. Both the interactive lighting network and underlying social space aim to encourage public interaction with and awareness of the environment.

Art Basel Miami Beach runs 2th-5th December at various locations across Miami.


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