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Cheese House, Perth, Australia

Tuesday 30 Nov 2010

Say 'cheese'...

images © Peter Bennetts 
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Award Entry

An a-perspective spatial approach to everyday living from iredale pedersen hook 

The Cheese House explores the illusion of the home as a holiday retreat, exploiting the tapering boundaries with a vanishing point that meets in the neighbouring property. It engages with the possibility of spatial illusion resulting from the a-perspective approach to spatial construction and the relationship of the everyday experience of the family residence. The vanishing point is denied visibility by a wall at the end of the property that serves to exaggerate the illusion with an installation by the artist Jurek Wybraniec.

Analogous to a wedge of Camembert cheese, the tactile and delicious materials are reserved for the interior spaces and courtyards. The large, anonymous, external white walls resonate as powerful barriers, carefully concealing the internal richness of the private world. All space is organised as a series of wedges that connect to the illusory vanishing point. These wedges collect interior and exterior space.

Driving through the middle of the residence is a wedge of recycled Jarrah, a large deck that starts at the street boundary ends 1.5m back from the rear boundary. This wedge connects the interior and exterior forming spaces of ambiguity and creating a resonating curved court that brings the exterior deep in to the interior.

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iredale pedersen hook architects

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