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Structures on the Edge, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Friday 26 Nov 2010

A little light reflection

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02/12/10 Charles Hull, Maltby le Marsh
The proposed structure for Moggs Eye is an innovative and pleasing concept for a relatively remote, wild and unspoilt shoreline - without being detrimental in any way. That can only be a positive factor for attracting more stay-cationers to Huttoft and the new Coastal Country Park.

Rediscovering the simple pleasures of the seaside for Austerity Britain 

StudioMWM, the art and architecture collective based in the north-east of England, have been invited to propose two Structures on the Edge by Lincolnshire County Council and artsNK.

The firm explains: "When we visited the sites, we realised that Lincolnshire has a very different relationship to the North Sea. Whereas in the North East, our towns and villages face onto the sea, in Lincolnshire there is literally a line in the sand. On one side of that line is agriculture, the North Sea on the other. What is really interesting about the idea of these structures is they occupy that narrow strip of no man's land.

"We enjoyed the idea of playing with scale and perception in the designs. You will hear the structure for Moggs Eye before you see it. The mirror-like discs which spin in the wind will reflect the sunlight on the dunes but will also make the structure difficult to see on the horizon until you are almost upon it.

"By contrast, the structure for Chapel Six Marshes is intended to make you feel small, but safe. The form is redolent of two barrel waves frozen just before the moment they crash together. We took as inspiration the 1830 Japanese woodcut The Great Wave by Hokusai, which frames Mount Fuji in the jaws of a wave about to engulf three fishing boats."

Structures on the Edge has been suggested as a model for other British coastal areas seeking to make the most of Austerity Britain and the cheap-chic of stay-cationing. "There seems to be a genuine will to revive traditional seaside resorts and an interest in rediscovering our coast. Our structures are about showing the magic in what might otherwise seem ordinary," explain StudioMWM.

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