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R4 Apartment, SINGAPORE, Singapore

Tuesday 16 Nov 2010

A vision in green

© 2010 Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd 
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28/12/10 DF, Singapore
Fantastic & iconic green architecture bro...
Can't imagine what if the cities around the world
become green...fresh air, healty live, cooler building...
the entire world become forest paradise

Go green
30/11/10 nomaco, Damascus
great concept from a green stand point but from an architectural one it doesnt fit the typology of the negihborhood .
22/11/10 Dickson Ziko, Harare
This is absolutely fantastic. This is the way to go with green Architecture

Surbana International Consultants win Skyrise Greenery Awards 2010 

The R4 Apartment is a hypothetical modular apartment built above a typical neighbourhood Hawker Centre (open air market) to achieve a symbiotic relationship. Conceptually, the residential component is powered by waste heat and oil from the Hawker, and consumes vegetables fertilised by food scraps cultivated using recycled bottles. Conversely, the Hawker Centre benefits by using solar power, vegetables and rainwater collected from the apartment's surfaces.

By building above the food centre and twisting the apartment floor stacks, the exposed surface area is correspondingly increased, thereby maximising the green plot ratio. The landscape design is based on the concept ‘Food for security, Food for life'. Producing food locally reduces the carbon footprint and enables users to be self-sufficient and have control over the food's quality.

Green spaces are woven into the high rise environment, each serving a cluster of residents whilst parapet planters are detailed to maximise planting area, accessible for wheelchair bound residents. These leave adequate gaps for planting, yet are safe for small children. This is supplemented by a variety of vertical farming systems reusing materials for cultivation.

Since solar opportunities are limited in the high rise form, building stacks are rotated to create multiple high volume spaces which enable sunlight and wind to penetrate through. This is further enhanced by solar and waste oil powered fluorescent light bulbs. Rainwater is collected for irrigation among other uses. Further down, waste from Hawker Centre such as plastic bottles, Styrofoam boxes and food scraps are reused for farming.

Rainwater collected at the roof and sky gardens are piped using solar powered pumps, whilst excess water is discharged via gravity through pipes. Automated timers are also used to control nutrients and water for hydroponic and aeroponic systems and moisture in planters. Food waste is used to make compost soil and garbage enzyme which can be used for natural fertiliser and pesticide.

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