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Political Party HQ, Gujarat, India

Monday 08 Nov 2010

Politically correct

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Edifice Consultants's designs for new offices in Gujarat 

A leading political party plans to establish their office headquarters on a 3-acre property at Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. The brief comprised work areas, multipurpose and media halls, café, library and associated utility areas. The client’s vision called for a humane development, connecting and engaging with the locals.

The architects sought to segregate the functions broadly as private work areas, semi-public and public areas. Organising this way brings in flexibility, which would enable operating the office as a local development centre, an institution, connecting to the locals, reinforcing and establishing the true purpose for which it is being built. A simple portal marks the entrance, leading to the south court which ascends via a series of steps to the welcome court.

The functional spaces planned around the central court are designed in response to the extreme hot and dry climate involving passive cooling, eco friendly techniques and use of local material and skill. Each function is expressed as an individual built form, as well as a part of the whole complex. The central court opens to the north ground for larger gatherings. A minimal metal screen perimeter fence along the roadside blurs the boundary enhancing visual connectivity.

Deriving inspiration from the traditional attire of the locals used to screen themselves from the harsh sun, the central court is designed with a sliding folding perforated screen shading a gathering during hot noons. The building roof slab insulated with reinforced earthen pots and green decking reduces heat gain considerably having the potential to add solar arrays in future.

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Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

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