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airBaltic Passenger Terminal, Riga, Latvia

Thursday 04 Nov 2010

ZERAFA make the connection

copyright 2010 ZERAFA STUDIO LLC 
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03/05/11 Chris, TO
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ZERAFA ARCHITECTURE STUDIO shortlisted for airBaltic Terminal 

Inherent in the airBaltic brand is the idea of connectivity. This theme is manifested in both the brand profile, and the modern operational culture of the airline. The airBaltic experience is one that seeks to ‘balance the operational necessities of air travel with the more inspirational and positive associations we have with flying'.

Connectivity and communication are essential components of this proposal, and as such, ZERAFA ARCHITECTURE STUDIO views the terminal as a conduit for air travel. The movement of passengers between landside and airside is the architecture firm's point of departure and primary design consideration. This movement from landside to airside is expressed by a series of parallel virtual corridors defined by the repetition of an extruded form. These ‘virtual corridors' are created by extruding an inverted u-shaped portal shape in the east/west direction to generate a primary grain clearly describing the landside to airside path.

The proposed building is composed of eighteen parallel portals shapes which are each extruded along a unique curve to create an undulating wave composition running from east to west. The curves are variations on a typical curve generated from the sectional path of passengers travelling from aircraft down to curb and curb to aircraft. The effect is to create a volumetric landscape within the greater airport landscape.

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