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Glorieta Juan Carlos I Mula, Spain

Wednesday 03 Nov 2010

A smooth transition

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17/11/10 Marc, Columbus
"customised software that implements a Voronoi algorithm to subdivide the space into circulations and activity areas"? Really? Looks like a tired idea and about 5 minutes of work to me.
04/11/10 Victor, Rotterdam
Really interesting project. Keep an eye on them.


New images for esc-studio's complete redevelopment of Glorieta Juan Carlos I Mula 

esc-studio have just released new imagery of their redevelopment plan for the Glorieta Juan Carlos I in Mula, Spain. Almost a year ago, the young design firm stole first prize in an international competition to rehash the fenced-in area into a buzzing public plaza and today have released fresh images of the revised plans.

In an effort to establish a strong relationship between the city and the square itself, esc-studio invited the local community to actively participate in the design process. Using customised software that implements a Voronoi algorithm to subdivide the space into circulations and activity areas, the public were able to experiment with ideas and put their own mark on the redeveloped plaza. esc-studio explain: “Each of the user’s proposals will be the reflection of the individual’s perception of the space and his personal approach to the new design.”

A key element of this project is to smoothly merge the plaza into the surrounding urban fabric, breaking down the existing fencing and generating an easily accessible, vibrant space for members of the local community to socialise on a daily basis. As such, the main circulations are carved into the current levels of the square, revealing a dynamic pattern that runs through the space among the programmed activity islands that host children, elderly and performance spaces, and allowing a stepless access to the square from the adjacent streets.

All vegetation on the plot will be preserved in its entirety, and a variety of climate control units installed throughout the 5,400 sq m space, including PV cells, lighting and fog systems to lower the temperature of the square during the summer. These methods will also be used to generate all the energy required for the plaza to function smoothly.

Sian Disson
News Editor


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