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Earth Totem, Comines, Belgium

Tuesday 26 Oct 2010

Ashes to ashes...

Landscape Connection 
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Landscape connection unveils its Totem for the festival Art/Terre 2010 

The tower has been erected in an open field as a ‘tribute to earth'. The design approach attempts to incorporate multiple uses for natural materials in the building process, including topsoil, clay, brick and crushed brick.

Created for the Art/Terre 2010 festival - an international biennale competition which recognises original artworks in which the earth plays a key role - Landscape connection describes Earth Totem thus: ‘A symbol of the history of the place reminiscent of its characteristic brick chimneys, it rises in symbiosis with the territory of Comines-Warneton, where for centuries clay has been extracted, shaped, backed and enameled."

Topped with live vegetation, the tower of natural materials stands as a symbol that ‘everything is bound to get back to earth someday'.

Key Facts

Status Completed 2010
Value 0.0015(m€)
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Landscape connection

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