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Jellyfish Theatre

Friday 08 Oct 2010

One man’s trash…

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11/11/10 Lucas Gray, Porltand
This looks like a Campala Brothers design.



The end is nigh for temporary timber theatre in London inspired by the box jellyfish 

This weekend a temporary theatre designed by Koebberling/Kaltwasser will be dismantled after six weeks serving as a performance space for The Oikos Project - an independent festival of experimental theatre in London. Developed as an abstract vision of the lethal box jellyfish (Chironex Fleckeri), the temporary building was constructed using scrap timber material collected from construction sites all over the inner city.

Old furniture and timber leftovers from household construction, theatres, film productions and wood workshops have been transformed in the assembly, reducing construction costs and proving there is truth in the age-old saying ‘one man's trash is another man's treasure'.

Encased within the timber shell is a scaffolding frame that provides a level of stability to the building, supporting multiple layers of outer timber casing. The 120-seat theatre has been built entirely from reclaimed and recycled materials over a period of two months, causing Guardian writer Michael Billington to christen it a ‘disposable triumph'.

With its unkempt appearance and raw edged ‘timber tentacles', the Jellyfish Theatre certainly makes a strong statement about the quickening move towards sustainable construction. With an entire stage, stands, staircases and lounge all formed from other people's cast offs, Koebberling/Kaltwasser's Jellyfish Theatre may be dismantled tomorrow but their underlying message has true staying power.      

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