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Pyramids Heights Residence, Giza, Egypt

Saturday 06 Oct 2007

A room with three views

Shahira H. Fahmy Architects 
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28/03/10 Mahmoud E. Dean Dahab, Beverly Hills California, USA
Ms. Shahira
What a Contrast between the ultimate Historical OLD and the Modern New.

This property is a true Architectural Journey that tells the story from the beginning of the civilizations and the Gateway to a modern Egyptian generation of unstoppable new stream.

I am so proud of your innovation, except, I would like to see this building in white, complimented with some true colors of flowers, and the blue color of water fountains, water fall on a glass block on the building side. External lighting, and landscaping are of great importance too. All the above shall compliment this desert location.

Over all, you have done a wonderful job, Keep it up.

M. E. Dean Dahab
President International Affairs
Allied Artists International Google "Dean Dahab"
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A private residence in Giza overlooking the three famous pyramids 

This concrete, steel and glass villa located on a hill overlooking the three grand pyramids of Giza plateau, Egypt. The design model of this house is organised into two interweaving volumes, connecting in different points that become shared spaces. Formally, the spatial interplay of the interior creates four loosely defined quadrants of the house: the formal living space for social events located on the upper floor to secure a decent vista for such an incredible view; the indoor pool and related activities underneath, the family room kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor to have a better connectivity with the garden, and finally the three bedrooms on the upper floor. The volumes, one clinging to the ground facing the surrounding palm tree groves and the other detaching itself from the ground towards a better view of the pyramids while leaving room underneath for a covered terrace space and indoor pool. A ramp connects the entrance lobby to the formal living space on the second floor. The bathroom, kitchen and family room are clustered in the right wing (horizontal axis) of the house on the ground floor, leaving the indoor pool and related activities on the left part (vertical axis) of the house. The site is in Giza overlooking the Giza plateau of the three famous pyramids.

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Status construction documents phase drawings
Value 0.75(m€)
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Shahira H. Fahmy Architects

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