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Park51, New York, United States

Monday 04 Oct 2010

First images of 'Ground Zero Mosque'

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20/10/10 Fatima, UAE
There are three points that I want to focus on them, which are :-

1- The serious relationship of the architecture and social issues and needs, with a large perspective of many aspects of the life.
2- The design techniques that empowers the concept of the mixture of the religious and spiritual spaces with smart solutions.
3- Multipurpose facilities and services that improve the usual background of the religious and spiritual buildings are boring and not professionally used.
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20/10/10 Mike, Budapest
I welcomed this project - until I saw the design. Hopefully there's time for a rethink. Historically the default option for facades in city centres (even in the US) is window in (vertical) wall, as the two adjoining buildings evince. Rectilinearity and verticality tend to dominate, and over the centuries astonishingly beautiful and varied cities have been created within the confines of these simple constraints. There has to be a very good reason to flout such "rules", and I don't see one here.
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11/10/10 Pierre Mendonca, Melbourne
Spot the Stars of David on the facade
07/10/10 Chung-lee, Alhambra
The building has a bow at the top (downward and inward) with two outer angles (representing the two towers falling). The inward bowing is like glass bent from a projectile (747s). The irregular and seemingly random fascade reminds me of shattered glass (the planes hit, shattering the windows). Together, it reminds me of how the buildings looked just prior to collapse. SOMA and Rauf, just by picking this design, express support for islam and the horror the 9-11 terrorist brought to all of us.
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06/10/10 Olly Sales, Budapest
- Refreshing -
06/10/10 Carl, London
glad to see the project moving forward. but i dont like how this building meets with the ground, the design could have been more original, instead of the usual random pattern arrangement trying to be different.
05/10/10 Abraham, Trivandrum india
Please dont create such a mistake.Study about the exterior design which suits the context.This is horrible and creates problems in future.Anything in photographs looks beautiful.But architecture is something which satisfies the people visualy and functionally .This should be discussed in a larger forum of experts.
Professor in Architecture. Abraham India
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05/10/10 whocares, UK
So, is this the way forward ? I live a million miles away, but my district has just allowed a multi million £ mosque to be built on land bought for ONE POUND. Are we angry, you bet we are.
05/10/10 john, london
it is the ground zero mosque because it is in ground zero. this builidng was originaly hit by the landing gear of one of the planes.
I think the building is nice but architecture is not only form and shape but also meaning, timming and social sensitivity, and this one brings about very negative ones if we think the terrorist died and killed shouting Allah ....
This building lacks of historic perspective, it woudl be nice if it is built few generations ahead but not now, we all owe some respect to the families of the victims througout their lifetimes.
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05/10/10 Muhyiddin Clarke, Luton
This is just what this area needs. The area has been blighted by the destruction of the Twin Towers. Hopefully this exciting mixed use development will not only help the area, but demonstrate to those who are ignorant of the true nature of Islam that they have nothing to fear and much to gain from a strong Islamic presence in America.
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Park51 project takes a giant step forward with new renderings from Soma Architects 

Developer Sharif el-Gamal is yet to officially appoint an architect for the Park51 project and already the structure has had its identity defined for it by an ever-growing cluster of extremists and activists. Dubbed the ‘Ground Zero Mosque', the project has barely made it out of the media spotlight since its inception in 2009.

It is imperative at this point to note that Park51 is neither a mosque nor is it planned to be constructed at Ground Zero but two blocks away; controversially however, designers behind the newly released images Soma Architects have the renderings listed on their website under the location ‘Ground Zero'.

On ABC's ‘This Week', wife of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf - whose involvement in the project has brought about much fiery debate - Daisy Khan, reported that both she and her husband have been terrorised by telephoned death threats over the Park51 development. The NYPD confirmed these claims and added that an investigation into the source is underway.   

The mixed-use tower will devote two basement floors to a Muslim prayer area, however the remaining 13 stories are designed for secular and multi-faith use, with a sports and fitness centre, restaurant and exhibition space, a playground and childcare area, and a memorial and sanctuary on the 12th floor dedicated to the memory of those who died in the 9/11 attacks nine years ago.

Drawn up by international firm Soma Architects, these renderings are a basic expression of the developer's plans for this site. With the official architect still to be confirmed, these few shots supply only a glimmer of what is to come - a preliminary taster of the final concept.

An ice-white latticework effect scatters across the façade, with allusions to both traditional Islamic architecture and iconic symbols from other faiths, such as the Jewish Star of David. The elaborate, yet undeniably futuristic feel of this structure injects just the right amount of personality into its Manhattan neighbourhood - two blocks from where the Twin Towers once stood. This intricate detail can also be noted from the interior renderings, as light rushes to enter the building during the day and floods out as night falls.

Sian Disson
News Editor

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