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Large Home Tree, Bulgaria

Friday 24 Sep 2010

From the inside out

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Ignatov Architects present private residence in Bulgaria where structural supports act as a major architectural feature 

The Large Home Tree project attempts to rethink the upscale suburban mansion typology and provide a completely different alternative. The concept is based on the architectural interpretation of the structural integrity, thermal balance and site adaptability of local trees which are naturally refined and optimised for the given topography and climate.

The goal is to develop an efficient and tolerant approach to the surrounding architecture without being sentimental or apologetic. The required extensive programme of a large suburban residence with winter garden had been compacted and subordinated to the greater idea of reducing site and carbon footprints.

Placing the interior garden on top of the residential quarters for catching maximum sunlight initiated the tree analogy which in turn was further developed structurally and thermodynamically. The resulting architectural image had been intentionally left rough and unrefined in order to keep its conceptual power and avoid irrelevant to its performance beautification.

The structure is cast in place reinforced concrete comprising a stem-like central elevator core and facade load-bearing frames without intermediate columns. Diagonals, verticals and horizontals on the South and East facades follow the stress lines derived from the structural analysis of the building mass. Structure becomes major architectural feature, providing efficient load bearing and maximum transparency and flexibility in planning.

Large glazed interior garden has been planted with a variety of grasses, herbs and spices produceing oxygen and useful biomass. It balances the climate and improves the air quality of the entire house. In summer natural cross-ventilation combined with evaporation from interior water fountain and rapid growth of plants dissipates solar heat gain and provides cooling effect to the residential spaces below. In winter the garden works as an insulating hat for the house by catching sunlight and tempering the air via its liquid-heated floor.

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Ignatov Architects

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