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The Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, Lisbon, Portugal

Thursday 09 Sep 2010

Journey into the unknown

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14/09/10 Samuel, Mullingar
Architect Charles Correa has come a long way.One remembers well the time his work was featured on RIBA Journals back in the eighties.Well done.
Just like wine it matures with age so has this Architect. The Champalimuad Center compliments the Tower of Belem.One can also detect the poetic Japanese architecture similar to Tadao Ando's masterworks.
Hope today's young Architects can take a leaf from the Masters of old.
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International scientific research group prepare to open inspired new facility 

The Champalimaud Foundation, a private biomedical research organisation, is opening a new centre in Lisbon on 5th October. ‘The Champalimaud Center for the Unknown' has been designed by world-renowned Indian architect Charles Correa, who received the RIBA Royal Gold Medal in 1984. Attending the opening of this celebrated scientific facility will be the President of Portugal Aníbal Cavaco Silva and a variety of esteemed faces from the international scientific, medical and government communities.

Separating this fresh build from countless other scientific research facilities is a somewhat ‘open' approach, whereby the general public will be given limited access to the long-inaccessible waterfront, enabling them to mingle with the scientists working onsite. These sweeping open spaces and panoramic coastal views have been deliberately harnessed to create a ‘sense of fusion between the scientists, who work ultimately for the benefit of mankind, and the public, who is both the beneficiary and supporter of this work'.

The site itself possesses a level of historical significance, standing directly adjacent to the Tower of Belem - the point from which Portuguese explorers embarked on missions of great discovery in the 15th century - inspiring the name ‘The Champalimaud Center for the Unknown'.

Architect for the project Charles Correa explains: "The new Champalimaud Centre seeks to provide cutting-edge scientific research medical facilities that will mark a watershed in the development of the nation - a goal implicit in the historic site in Belem, from which 500 years ago the great explorers embarked on their voyages into the unknown world.  So besides being a world-class scientific institute, the project also creates a great urban waterfront plaza, a gift to the people of Portugal that celebrates a crucial moment - perhaps the defining moment - of their history."

Sian Disson        
News Editor

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