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Car Park One, Oklahoma City, United States

Friday 03 Sep 2010

Dude, where's my car park?

images by Scott McDonald / Hedrich Blessing 
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Award Entry

Elliott + Associates Architects completes parking structure designed to 'disappear' 

The goal was to reinvent the parking garage experience - imagine ‘parking as art’. Another objective was to make the building unrecognisable as a parking garage. It was important to ‘connect’ the Car Park to the existing campus across the street by incorporating masonry. The architect selected a clay-fired 8” x 8” x 8” solar block in a matching colour to the campus king-size brick. The visual and material link is maintained between the modified Georgian campus architecture and the modern architecture across the street.

Considering mass and scale, the architect designed the parking structure to ‘disappear’. A ‘transparent’ wall was necessary to fulfill the 20% open code criteria. This was successfully accomplished using a 3/8 inch flatwire stainless steel mesh in a basket-weave pattern. The custom designed weave is dense enough to conceal the vehicles from the outside yet has enough open space to allow for adequate air circulation as required by the code and to admit natural light. The mesh surface creates a beautiful phenomenon by appearing to disappear into the sky thus reducing the scale of the building.

The company’s employees enjoy the view at the end of the day as the west facade turns to gold, purple, yellow and blue. Another unique feature of the exterior is the aluminum outriggers on the east and south elevations. The 4’ extensions create changing linear shadows artistically hinting of the contents. The linear shadow becomes the same line as the parking stripe hidden inside.

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Elliott + Associates Architects

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