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Guiding Symbol, Carinthia, Austria

Friday 03 Sep 2010

A guiding light...

Söhne & Partner Architekten 
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Reactive multicoloured light installations draw tourists to visitor attractions 

Light sails are used as guiding symbols for the state exhibition around the Millstaetter Lake, Austria. The clients brief was to show the different exhibiting locations around the lake and to guide the visitors to the 7 points of interest.

In the 90’s the lighthouse, one of the oldest communication systems, was used as a metaphor for orientation through the World Wide Web by the internet browser ‘Netscape Navigator’. The lighthouse – a point of orientation, to be seen from afar, was for a long time used for shipping throughout day and night. Nowadays the lighthouse is used as a symbol for holidays, for the sea, for adventures and water.

The idea to design the 7 light sails comes out of that old and very well known lighthouses. As lighthouses, the light sails, are used to guide the visitors around the different exhibitions. The objects are abstract sails, as a ‘light-space-installation’. The objects are orientated to the lake. The Millstaetter Lake is getting a tribune out of water, because the energy of the lake is trapped, converted and reflected as light. So the sails are working as a transmitter and receiver at the same time.

The illumination of the light sails themselves reacts to the surroundings – the more people approaching the sails, the more vibrant the light. The illumination is also reacting to the temperature – they are constantly changing their colour. The colder the temperature ,the warmer the colour of light and vice versa. In the dawn the integrated moving heads start their show. They elevate from the water surface of the lake. The cone of lights raise and drop, they pulsate, they are reflected by the water. They connect and show the way from one light sail to another.

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