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Saxtorspsskogen, Landskrona, Sweden

Thursday 02 Sep 2010

A landsape for living in

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14/09/10 Bjorn Trolle, Malmo
Est! Est! Est!

Award Entry

Plans for a new neighbourhood in Sweden's south-west from Abelardo Gonzalez 

The client’s interest is to preserve and improve the qualities of the Landskrona woods through accumulation of a functional and esthetical extension of Saxtorpsskogen, where public and private interests can co-exist. The aim for the design is to create an attractive senior housing area, which can function together with Saxtorpsskogen’s natural conditions for recreation, and to reinforce the preservation of biodiversity and at the same time make minimal interference with nature and instead use the site-specific conditions to create an interaction between building and nature.

After a thorough analysis of the existing landscape and its light conditions, the identical housing units are placed out. The housing unit has a compact design with generous terrace spaces, for a clear distinction between the private and the public. It is composed by prefabricated elements to minimize detrimental effects caused by construction on site, optimise fabrication transportation and rationalise the economical factors of the project. The design is generated by analyses of minimal impact on the existing woods. Using plinths as founding elements minimises ground excavation and spares the existing tree root system. The asymmetrical design of the unit allows for a placement, which can adapt to vegetation positions and other conditions of the wood, to prevent felling of trees. The irregular placing of the units generates interesting visual focal points and promotes a natural flow of people, animals and biotopes. The project aims for a local treatment of the surface water, with natural infiltration trough usage of surfaces of gravel and green roofs. The units are built with natural material – concrete and wood.

The result is a shape, with unique placing, where the assembly of materials creates maximum harmony between landscape and building and generates a qualitative ageing. The placement offers optimal conditions between nature, form and function (program) as well as minimal landscape impact. The proposal shows a morphing of form, material and location, which generates an overall impression of harmony between building and nature and makes for a public usage of Saxtorpsskogen. An architectural pioneer project, built in a modern way with an ecological impression, which will be used to promote the future ambitions of the city Landskrona.

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