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Reshuihu Resort Masterplan, Yingde, China

Thursday 02 Sep 2010

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New Space International design new resort in Guangzhou 

The site is 3,000,000 sq m and is located in the Northern Guangzhou region. There are mountains running through the entire region which also contrast occasionally with large swath of rice fields and meandering rivers. Tourism development in China has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. This site was acquired as it is in the vicinity of large hot springs.

The brief for this development was to provide a self sufficient and a hot spring spa destination consisting of a small village centre, two hot spring hotels, and villas which would consist of service villas and weekend retreats. The challenge in this master plan was to provide spatial concepts which could preserve the rustic character of the surrounding areas while formulating blueprints for sustainability and a visual guideline master plan.

A manmade lake was created in the centre of the site to provide for storm water runoff which is dammed to provide irrigation for the rice fields nearby. Villas are dotted around a road at the foot of the mountains, with all villas restricted to one level in height so as not to destroy the scale of the mountains. The villas are all designed as courtyard houses; these are grouped around shared communal spaces found in traditional Chinese architecture.

The mountains in the centre of the site screen off provides privacy so that all aspects of the views into mountains and scenery. The villas are interspersed within the hills and mountains are providing continuously changing views around the site.

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