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Yingde Town Centre, Yingde, China

Thursday 02 Sep 2010

Facilitating urban growth

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Award Entry

New Space International completes its master plan for extension of Yingde Town Centre 

This site is part of the main extension of the existing city centre. The site is 24 hectares in size and the brief the architects were tasked with was to create maximum value for the clients while also creating a masterplan that would serve as a model for the clients future developments.

The site is divided into two main axes running north-south and east-west. This defines major nodes anchoring the northeast, southeast and southwest sides of the site. At the intersection of this axes is located a central park, which is the focal point for this new site.

7-storey courtyard housing define the edges of the street, whilst a pattern of point and slab blocks is arranged in a picturesque composition to define or anchor major spaces and vistas. The placement and arrangement of the slab and points is crucial to the spatial experience of this district, and the composition of those blocks was done with reference to ‘townscape’ compositional methods. Along the north-south main street, a public arcade runs parallel and increases the porosity for the pedestrian traffic to penetrate the site.

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