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Product of the week - Tripod 3D, Rochester, MI, United States

Monday 02 Aug 2010

Visualize Real-Time

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How video games have helped bring architecture to life 

Ever since 3D computer graphics were introduced to architecture industry, everyone was fascinated by it. Architects often find their clients are unable to grasp the complexity and spacial qualities of large projects without the help of computer generated visual aids. But what would be the future of virtual design visualization? The answer to this question may come from an unlikely source. Computer games.

Computer game industry has been pushing the technology to the leading edge for over a decade but often suffered in visual quality simply because real time renderings are far more demanding than slow rendered animations. But now, advancement in game engine technology has render the use of sophisticated tools and techniques to virtually create a real-time environment with stunning visual quality. Tripod3D LLC, a Michigan based animation studio, has been developing a real-time architectural visualizations with Unreal Engine 3 by Epic GamesĀ®

Rather than watching a video for limited duration with fast forward and rewind button as your only control, Tripod3D actually allows you to walk around and interact with the environment, evaluating designs from any angle, and at your own pace. Change materials, lights and sounds in real-time and on demand. And the rendering quality is surprisingly impressive thanks to 3rd generation graphic engine from Epic, the leader in game industry. Tripod3D also demonstrates how you can control the direction of the Sun in real-time evaluating the changing light conditions at any given time of the day. Very impressive. This promotional video will give you a glimpse of what's possible.

Production pipeline is highly efficient as well. Traditional 3D animations requires days or even weeks of rendering time. With Tripod3D however, rendering time is virtually eliminated because everything is rendered... in real-time. Greatly reducing the production time and implement design changes much faster. Tripod3D can take data from virtually any 3D applications such as AutoCAD, SketchUP, 3DS Max, and Maya to quickly import them into the pipeline. With over 10 years of experience, they can also model from sketches and drawings.

Almost revolutionary, this technology certainly is the next evolutionary step in virtual design visualization. With all these benefits, it's hard to come up with a reason to choose traditional animation over their service. We encourage you to visit Tripod3D LLC's web site at www.tripod3d.com and request a demo, you will be surprised. You can also contact them via email at contact@tripod3d.com or by phone at +1 (248) 686-1608.

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