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House of Twelve, Melbourne, Australia

Friday 23 Jul 2010

Not exactly a dime a dozen...

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09/08/10 msyp, Columbus
Antonino > Bravo for commenting on the responses to your project. May it remind people that their statements are not made in a vacuum. In any case, it is a bit odd to read a headline stating "...completes private residence..." and then see renders. I would actually like to see photographs before I judge the relative liveliness of this project. I sense that the renders don't show off the potential of the formal qualities of the space. I think there are some interesting ideas in here but it is poorly represented.
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28/07/10 Antonino Cardillo, Rome
Thanks for all your comments. They are important to me.
28/07/10 michael, brisbane
is this real or are the images renders? seems lifeless either way...
27/07/10 Peter Matters, Bacchus Marsh
This House is the result of too much money and the attempt of being different for the sake of being different. The overblown and badly expressed text expresses the confused thinking responsible for this monument to both the owner's and architect's inferiority complexes.
27/07/10 Bill W., Sonoma
This could have been so much more with so much less!
27/07/10 Keith Leuschke, rotorua
intelectual bull. no wonder every space is bereft of any life. if you want to be a sculptor, get on with it.

Antonino Cardillo completes private residence in Australia with hints of Gehry 

It was the ruins of ancient Rome that allegedly inspired this project. Architect Antonino Cardillo specifically explains: "those unpredictable warps that in the eighteenth century appeared to European travellers on the Grand Tour as fantastic visions. Rather than the historic original, what fascinates still today is this state of progressive destruction that millennia carve in the forms, unveiling their most obscure recesses. So the ruin tells us of time passing, of slowly dying beauty, and in this its slow decay evokes a transverse narrative, as if trapped between the architecture and its definitive destruction."

He continues: "‘House of Twelve’ attempts to invent a response to an interrupted story, following an empirical path made by progressive mutation of contemporary ideas and those of late antiquity, such as the theme of intersecting rings or the horizontal sequence of multiple spaces and forms, concatenated and directed according to a centrifugal expansionism, which unites works of Frank Lloyd Wright with the villa of the emperor Hadrian at Tivoli.

"Collisions and juxtapositions, furthermore – distant echoes of the American Center in Paris by Frank Gehry – characterise the front and the public space of the house, whose roundnesses appear, from the road, to be deeply sculpted. As well as restoring thickness to the façade, these excavations make it permeable to the winter sun, which reaches to illuminate – with a grazing light, interpreted by the cavities – the courtyards at the rear. In particular, the living space, with its diaphanous vault in gold mosaic, the ripples of the mirrors of water at the edges and the consequent manifold reflections of light, appears from the main courtyard as a baroque 'room of light', here reinvented in an urban key."

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Antonino Cardillo architect

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