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Bangmok Library, Seoul, South Korea

Thursday 08 Jul 2010

Show off your curves

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Award Entry

New library provides a cultural icon for South Korea's capital 

It is the recent remarkable trend that the library has been emerging from the space for simply reading and studying, so as to become the new space for users to communicate with the various information and tools. Reflecting the whole current trend, Gansam Partners planned Bangmok Library, a high technology research information center where users can communicate with various media and tools, taking in a wide view of the overall academic cultural contents of the university.

In order to reflect the library as the place where knowledge from every field communicates and students interact while avoiding any sense of barriers and distance with the existing university buildings and neighbourhood residential area, the free curve of the mass shape was originated by adding a square mass which holds the bookshelves functionally, completeing the present form.

The architects used U-Glass for the outer surface of the free curve to better show the curve's image. IPE, a wood material, was used for the square mass to show the image of book, paper and bookshelves. U-Glass creates a warm and soft atmosphere by holding the filtered soft light instead of reflecting the shining direct light. The wood will age like the books and show their traces.

As you enter the main entrance on the 1st floor, you can see Interactive Garden that is the indoor garden and also the hub of Bangmok Library. Once arriving here, students can reach every spot by stairs and open elevator: international conference room and free reading room on the1st floor, group studying room, study garden and exhibition hall on the 2nd floor, bookshelves organised by field, multimedia database corner, ucc studio, plus an educating room and small theater on floors 3 and 4 respectively.

The non-specific shape of various spaces are all made for studying. Students may seat around the round table or seat alongside the curve handrail and windows, or choose the opened reading corner on stairs. On each floor, the irregular void form along with the resting spot (Green Spot) on 3rd & 4th floor creates communicating and exchanging figure.

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