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Golf Club Hostivar, Prague, Czech Republic

Wednesday 07 Jul 2010

A new nest for your birdies...

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Award Entry

New golf club in Prague changes the image of the traditional golfing facility 

The golf facility has returned natural conditions in a poorly maintained urban enviroment and has created there a vast oasis of greenery, recreation and sports. The urban development design presented a multi-functional building which characterises club facilities. The ground plan of the facility is formed by two interconnected rectangles situated in a line along the north-south axis.

The western side includes a parking area, in the other direction the building is surrounded by the sports facility. The voluminous arrangement is formed by the main block with two overhead levels, roofed with a flat roof and with a block of the indoor sports centre with a cantilever roof. The roofing system in a membrane form creates a dominant point above the terrace of the restaurant situated on the 1st overhead level.

The building has two main communication cores. The core at the main entrance connects the entire building from the basement (cloak-rooms and backround facilities) through the 1st overhead level ('OL') with a restaurant , golf shop and indoor golf up to the 2nd OL where a golf club and the administrative offices are situated. The other core serves as a service communication core between the 1st OL of the indoor golf and the golf club on the 2nd OL.

Along the southern facade it is possible to find commercial premises – restaurants with a terrace. The main expression element of the facade is formed by glazed parts in a combination with the lining made of the Cembonite system boards.

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