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Auto-défense, Paris, France

Friday 02 Jul 2010

The art of self defence

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11/01/11 Ted, Paris
Very smart, I feel diving in a Phillip K Dick novel....it's thrilling !
08/07/10 doug, Vancouver
the rhetoric is childish - at the end of the day this becomes just a different form of corporatization (although something does need to be done to improve this boring monster !
06/07/10 Bob Mitnik, Gloucester
Be careful what you wish for. Public participation may just as easily promote urban restrictions, as resist them. Read any US Zoning bylaw and public amendments.


French architect Stephane Malka to exhibit at La Cité de L’Architecture et du Patrimoine 

Recent recipient of an AJAP prize – a French distinction by the Cultural Ministry to promote young architects – Stephane Malka’s ambitious designs will be exhibited in La Cité de L’Architecture et du Patrimoine until September 5th. These images of his concept design ‘Auto-défense’ are a sneak peak of the quality of architectural artistry on show.

The architect explains this work as follows: "Inspired by the New York block parties, this study imagines the hijacking of a building that is symbolic for its monumentality and its location: The Grande Arche De La Défense. The Grande Arche De La Défense is an arch in the axis of the Arc de Triomphe on Les Champs Elysées. Motivated by the desire to create a new social scenario, the PAR system is a modular complex providing an alternative to the defiant lifestyle, by positioning itself in a permanent state of insurrection. Its growth is articulated by the vitality of its spontaneous community. A pocket of active resistance created by welcoming the discontented, this act of guerrilla architecture sets out to hijack the ‘Great arch of fraternity’."

Malka has completed this design in an effort to unite the forsaken, the marginalised, refugees, demonstrators, dissenters, hippies, utopians, and the stateless of all kinds. He describes this conceptual design as ‘a colonisation of neglected public spaces by the participation of a non-specialised labour collective that elaborates on prefabricated and hijacked construction systems’ arguing ‘my methodology seeks to promote public participation as an act of resistance against urban restrictions’.

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