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Penang Global City Center (PGCC), Penang, Malaysia

Friday 21 Sep 2007

A global city center

Asymptote: Hani Rashid + Lise Anne Couture 
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08/04/12 terry mak, jakarta
Due to Penang stated now, we have to reboot our economy. Just like Singapore Marinal Sand building. But this architecture didn't blend into our Penang environment especially in front of Penang Hill. I suggest we should build a more environment architecture building to deal with Penang Hill eco-system.
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01/02/12 Gail, Adelaife
I Amani tnational visitor to Penang and something like this is so out of character with the unique place that Penang is. What an eyesore... Bad architecture that ignores the scale and culture of its place. Don't do this.
11/04/11 Mr Yeo, penang
Yet another enormous monster who has no respect for the landscape of this once beautiful island and no respect for the new UNESCO listing of George Town.
Shame on the money grabbing peole behind it!
26/03/09 xavier, montreal
This project look great but l guess is like another K.L. Twin tower big idea.Probably gonna be empty cause Malaysia does not have a economy to support those kind of mega-structure.<p>

I also see a major energy waste project.Keeping cool a building like that under the tropical sun will consume so much electricity.At a time of global warming and energy scarity ecological impact should be a priority for any project this size.
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Asymptote Architecture announces the design of Penang Global City Center 

Asymptote’s design for the PGCC complex is centered on the idea of creating a new and powerful image for the city of Penang and the new initatives associated with the development of the Northern Corridor of Malaysia. The design achieves its elegance and stature through the simultaneous embrace of natural landscapes and contemporary urbanism. The PGCC will become a vital new precinct that complements and enhances the unique characteristics that typify Penang as a remarkable island metropolis. The design of the iconic towers in particular draws inspiration from not only the lushness and drama of the surrounding mountains and seascapes, but also from the rich and diverse cultural heritage that makes up the Malaysian nation and Penang in particular. The forms of the two towers are comprised of both horizontal and vertical elements: sculpted horizontal components move across the plinth, rise up and transform into articulated vertical structures. Set against the backdrop of the nature reserve of Penang Hill, the twisting, glass façades of the towers “perform” various surface effects—reflecting, refracting and distorting views of Penang, the surrounding landscape and the seascape beyond. The vast, cascading plinth, which functions as a public plaza with multiple gathering spaces, are venues for the performing arts center, convention center and various facilities for residential, office and urban life.

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Status Construction begins within next 12 months
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Asymptote Architecture

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