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University of Albany, New York, United States

Monday 07 Jun 2010

Business School of the Future

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08/06/10 william, Seattle
What a terrible uninspirational project. Also PLEASE someone teach the person(s) doing the renderings the BASIC principles of perscpective drawing. At one time in the architectural profession, scaler figures were mean't to used as just that. They are not even close here. I am so tired of this type of "rendering" and basic drawing principles not being taught (or correctly taught) in architectural schools.
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08/06/10 Khalil, Chicago
Notwithstanding the comment about veritgo and some of the other inane stuff from our well intentioned friend from far away I like the quality of drawings and use of glass. The sunken landscape court is very nice, the glass use is wonderful both at lower levels at sunken court as well as at clerestory, very welcome in NY climate. The design is good, respectful of context so much so that it appears to be designed in the 60's by a Boston firm, an unusual design for a design firm like P W. One questions if contextuality should be literal (as appears in photos shown) or can it have been explored with new forms and still maintain respect to context and surroundings. But certainly the interior spaces shown can still get revitalized.
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08/06/10 Hirak Sen, Kolkata, India
With due respect to the architects, to my mind, the building seems to have been designed to humble the human soul. Whereas, for a training center located within a university campus, i would be more comfortable with a form that would instead sing the glory of man, and consequently, make the occupants (in this case the trainee CEO's) more relaxed and therefore more readily receptive to new ideas. The floor to ceiling glass paneling on the external surface will probably aggravate the sense of intimidation further—what with guys who suffer from some degree of vertigo? My apologies for being critical about the fundamental form of the building.
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08/06/10 Erik, LA
sorry, but it's not that sunny in Albany.
I've been there.

Looks like a nice design, though. There should be plenty of natural light.
08/06/10 roberto, nyc
^ I'm amazed at the "critique" above. Glass walls aggravating a sense of intimidation? And worry about people with vertigo??? Please, that's just silly. Given the limited graphic information presented, I'm not sure how you can even determine what the "fundamental form" of the building is. You're snipping at details, not "fundamental form," and your critique projects far from the building itself, speaking more to your own issues of intimidation and vertigo than anything suggested by the renderings.
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Perkins+Will designs new building to train next generation of CEOs at University of Albany 

The University at Albany in Albany, New York recently unveiled the architectural design for the new 96,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art School of Business building that evokes the style of its 1960s predecessor.

Located on the campus's main entry plaza, the US $64m building seeks to be a hub of learning and innovation in commercialization and entrepreneurship for business students and professionals throughout Albany and New York State.

Designed by Perkins+Will, the building will feature technologically advanced classrooms and meeting spaces, breakout rooms for team projects, expanded space for career services, student reception areas, collaborative research centers and additional graduate assistant workspace. It will have a trading room on the first floor with Bloomberg terminals.

The Perkins+Will design draws much of its inspiration from the existing 1960s Edward Durell Stone-designed academic podium and residence halls that dominate the uptown campus. The new building preserves the modernist formality of the campus’s orthogonal aesthetics in a more modern interpretation. The building's interior will have floor-to-floor terracing for maximum circulation and natural lighting, with an exterior represented by both solid and transparent volumes. Other features include including a glass overlooking a sunken garden that will serve as a gathering space for students and faculty. Also the expansive second-floor hall will be opened up with large skylights in the ceiling.. The building also includes a large second-floor hall with skylights at its ceiling.

"Situated at the main entry to the podium, the new building will define a dynamic new front door to the campus,” said Rob Goodwin, design principal at Perkins+Will. “Through its simple, bold form and open, light-filled atrium, the design will create a distinctive identity for the School of Business that will literally reach out into the community.”

Consistent with the university's commitment to sustainability, the business school's design integrates measures from the USGBC LEED rating system to improve energy savings, water efficiency, carbon emissions reduction, and indoor environmental quality.

Construction is slated to begin this summer with completion slated for 2013

Key Facts

Status Concept design
Value 53.4(m€)
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