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Bamboo House, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Tuesday 18 May 2010

At home in the elements

Andres Garcia Lachner, Benjamin Garcia Saxe 
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11/11/10 Ahmad Djuhara, Jakarta

I was amazed by the design and the story behind it.
I hope you gave your mother a true happiness.

I wish I can go to Costa Rica to experience the great space and detail,
and to meet the happiest mother in the world who had her dream realized through a great and beautiful work of her beloved son.

It was a wonderful short time we met in WAF Barcelona. I wish I can learn more from you in the the future, and can build a true friendship with you in my lifetime.
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28/07/10 Danilo Valerio, Costa Rica
We are proud of you Bengy! Congratulations! Great project!
22/06/10 Herbert, San Jose
How nice is to see that architects are looking and using bamboo, which is very strong, last forever, it's real from the nature, grows fast and it´s not in extension.

Well done!!

10/06/10 Eleonora Badilla, San José
Very proud of this talented costarican.
03/06/10 tapeesh, delhi
it is an amazing project...!!!!!!
29/05/10 HerAnd, Costa Rica
Creativity and Inspiration for a place to call home features the best of bamboo as a construction element...not seen ever before in Costa Rica.
25/05/10 Marga Jann, Cyprus
stunning--quick question: how are insects dealt with? in up-market disaster relief shelter (eg sri lanka, haiti) mosquitos etc seem to necessitate screens etc...
25/05/10 John Shore, England
An exciting design, which sadly fails to feature bamboo as a structural element !
22/05/10 Luis Diego Quiros, Washington, DC
Great project! Humble yet strong and sensitive.
20/05/10 gabcal, San Jose
Inspiring solution by transforming normal building concepts into a person's real definition of himself. I love it!


Architect builds unique forest home so mother can sleep under an open sky 

The bamboo house was a personal venture by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe, of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, who designed this one-off natural structure for his mother in Costa Rica. He relates, ‘[my] mom and I never had a place we could call home...always dreaming of a place we could be together’. Having lived in the city for a significant period of time, Saxe’s mother moved to the forest in search of a permanent home, constructing her own dwelling using scrap wood and plastic bags.

Upon leaving a built-up urban environment, she became transfixed with the moon and sun, inspiring her son to design a permanent bamboo house complete with cone-shaped dome ‘that opens up to the sky under an ‘umbrella roof’’ revealing the natural elements of the forest. Composed to two separate modules – a Kitchen/Living area and a Bedroom space – this ‘internal protected forest of bamboo...inverts the role of the forest by bringing it inside’, hence meeting the needs of the architect’s mother in providing her with a permanent dwelling which retains an intimate relationship with the natural environment. Inside the structure is an internal patio, weaving together these two individual modules.

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Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture

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