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Tokyo Reflections, Tokyo, Japan

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Time to reflect

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18/05/10 Hanlie, Durban SA
Why temporary? It will turn these spaces into places filled with joy, encouraging the kind of interaction that the silver jelly bean in Chicago's Millenium Park has done so brilliantly. It turns adults into kids and the walls separating the masked millions on the underground come tumbling down. Make it permanent!
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Tokyo Station hosts temporary architectural installation to encourage traveller interaction 

Tokyo Reflections is a temporary interactive installation in Tokyo Station and other stations across the network. Based on the fictional idea that the subway system was previously used as a series of tunnels which ‘were inhabited by almost forgotten alien species’, the installation encourages travellers to interact with one another while they wait for a train. Separated into two groups, the ‘observers’ and the ‘inter-actors’, the ‘alien species’ invite members of the public to also take on these personas, either participating as inter-actors in small groups or simply observing the display from afar.

The experiment aims to transform Tokyo Station’s underground platforms into dynamic public spaces, rather than an unsociable thoroughfare, by exploring tangible interactive opportunities. It is therefore entitled Tokyo Reflections as it ‘dreams of small changes to fill the emptiness of thoughts with reflections’. This architectural installation has been commissioned in an attempt to provide a catalyst for a social intervention, binding individual travellers through voluntary mental and physical interaction.

As part of the installation, Tokyo Station will undergo various simple measures to enhance the atmosphere of the platform area. Light arrangements will be concentrated on the rail track area, replacing the existing dull light boxes and the back wall will be covered with backlit membrane, reflecting diffused light back onto the platform area.

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