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Access to Östberget, Östersund, Sweden

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Over the mountain

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London architects, Stockholm museum devise plan for mountain passage, development 

42 architects of London recently presented a new proposal for access to Östberget, a small mountain in the centre of the city of Östersund in northern Sweden. Färgfabriken Art Space, an art institution and gallery in Stockholm commissioned the project. The ideas that form the proposal are based on a discussion between 42 architects and Färgfabriken, which was initiated after Johan Berglund, founder of 42 architects, met Joachim Granit, artistic director of Färgfabriken.

The proposal consists of four main parts: An elevated walkway that offers spectacular views over Östersund and Storsjön (The Great Lake); wind-driven lights that rotate in accordance to the direction of the wind; rest areas in key viewpoint; a restaurant, which is embedded in the slope of the mountain to generate protection from the climate and to minimise its visual impact on the surrounding.

The project is mainly aimed at the residents of Östersund, which separates this proposal from previous tourist-focused development plans for the mountain. Here, Östberget is allowed to symbolise a modern and progressive city, which still exists in close relationship to the surrounding landscape. The mountain represents a young and dynamic Östersund, but also an inclusive and sensitive place in which all can enjoy the spectacular views and scenery. "We hope that this exhibition and proposal will raise a debate, but also inspiration for the development of Östersund,” said Joachim Granit.

The views from the mountain, as the most unique aspects of the natural resources are what should be developed said Johan Berglund of 42 architects. “With Östberget we saw the potential to create a place for all, without having to make big alterations to the natural environment,” he said. “We developed this agenda into a fully realisable project where the highly innovative architecture remains sensitive to its context.

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