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Rehabilitation Center in Filiron, Thessaloniki, Greece

Monday 10 May 2010

Nursing patients back to health

Theologia Koundourou 
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10/03/11 joanna, beyrouth
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Award Entry

Desgns for a new healthcare centre in Greece from Theologia Koundourou 

This healthcare center is the subject of a design diploma project held on the 27th of July, 2009 for the department of Architecture, at the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, Greece. The Rehabilitation Center is sited on the northern side of Thessaloniki. The rehabilitation center is designed for people with disabilities, caused by motor, physical and neurological problems, or by accidents. It’s a day care center, for outpatients, with a parallel provision of facilities (7 rooms) for the accommodation of those patients who need re- examination.

The region of Filyron was chosen for the following reasons:

  • The position of the site, on the northeast side of Filyro, close to the boundaries of the residences’ area, contributes to the socialisation of patients, while offering, at the same time, the opportunity for privacy, when needed.
  • The steep ground and the brook on the east side of the site offer an interesting view.
  • The natural environment of the region gives the opportunity for relax and for a more efficient treatment for the patients.

The main idea is based on the composition of two curvy lines: the first one is placed on the north-south axis, while the second one is vertical to the axis of the vista. The use of curves leads to an easier integration of the building into the natural landscape and makes the patients’ movements easier. From the first line arises the main volume, which consists of the main public functions and treatment facilities. This central core is enhanced by a curvy roof that is visible from the level of the street.

The volume that arises from the second curve is proposed for the patients’ rooms and for the treatment facilities, whose function is based on the use of water. All functions develop on three levels, close to the central core of the building.

The aim of the diploma project is the creation of a pleasant, healing enviroment , which encourages the socialisation of patients and ensures the need for privacy. The socialisation is achieved through the escalation of spaces, from ‘public’ to ‘private’ and vice versa. Various spaces are designed on both sides of a wide corridor, along which there are smaller living rooms. This kind of ‘escalation’ is also visible on the side views of the building.

The interaction between public and private spaces, as well as the position of the building-close to the community of Filiron- produces a non- institutional environment, where patients are in contact with each other, with the staff and at the same time with the neighbourhood, improving the healing procedure for the patients and avoiding the discrimination that people with disabilities often face.

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Theologia Koundourou

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