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Aspern Seestadt Technology Centre, Vienna, Austria

Tuesday 27 Apr 2010

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ATP to construct 'dynamic urban campus' for Aspern Seestadt Technology Centre 

Architecture firm ATP has been chosen to undertake the construction of the first element of the largest current urban development district in Vienna, the Aspern Seestadt Technology Centre. ATP’s design seeks to escape from the customary perimeter block solution but installing a series of openings across the project site, whilst the building mass is divided into an array of smaller volumes. The individual building elements are to be arranged in a geometric pattern, with the axes converging on a public square and lake, which is the focus of the wider, radically planned district.

The separate blocks are designed in this disconnected way to enable as many possible routes for pedestrians and cyclists to enter the site. ATP’s concept for the centre is concentrated on the variety of entrance routes and the construction of multiple meeting points and communal areas throughout the site. In continuation of this, all elements of the project converge on a public open space, central to ATP’s concept of a ‘dynamic urban campus’.

Precise dimensions of the individual buildings have been chosen to achieve the optimal relationship between building depths and permitted building heights, in order to present a range of building elements and forms. These separate entities are set to combine to form a flexible campus where each street façade can be differentiated from the next and yet is central to the identity of the centre.

This centre takes into account the principles of sustainable construction and is designed as a Plus Energy House. The energy concept for the project is based on the minimising of energy consumption and the saving of resources through the use of renewable energy and appropriate technology. ATP’s design combines a minimal use of environmentally unfriendly materials, an air-tight building envelope and an approach to detailing which all but excludes the creation of thermal bridges and high insulation standards.

As the site is located next to a ring road, the centre’s public face is to be fully utilised through the installation of interactive display cases, organised along the thoroughfare. This temporary use of this open space is designed to highlight the issue of renewable resources, as sources of alternative energy such as solar, wind and water power are presented in various boxes in an attempt to give passers-by the chance to participate in the activities of the Aspern Seedstadt Technology Centre.

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ATP Architects and Engineers

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