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Jeju National University Hospital, Jeju, South Korea

Tuesday 27 Apr 2010

On the path to recovery

Samoo Architects & Engineers 
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Award Entry

Samoo completes hospital that accommodates the natural environments of Jeju Island 

Jeju National University Hospital sits on the south-high and north-low patterned ridge that connects Jeju city and Mt. Halla. The hospital looks out to an 'Olle' as an inducement space that leads the way according to the traditional allocation method of Jeju Island to accommodate the nature. Various traditional Korean spaces are adopted in the Hospital's planning; a 'Bakmadang' (outside yard) which is open to the sea, an 'Anmadang' (inside yard), a healing garden within the ward and an 'Andwi' (backyard garden), a rest spot headed to where Mt. Halla lies are carefully planned. These represent the symbolism that implies this is a place of healing and wishing for life in a hierarchical order.

The ridge stretches out from the outpatient department mass, which is lengthily protruded and is linked with the indoor space to lead to the linear axis of the Hospital Street. The Hospital Street is where the functions of the outpatient department, central medical department and the administrative department are dispersed, yet are horizontally connected in an organic manner. Furthermore, it provides a sense of comfort to accessibility and pedestrian lines while offering scalability for convenient expansion in vertically and horizontally.

Meanwhile, sloped areas are used to make the best use of the space in the limited space and the first basement floor had become a place for the main entrance and exit. The lobby with three open floors exudes an open and pleasant feel and it has been naturally adopted as the cultural space where the amenities and other convenient facilities reside, relieving patients’ psychological anxieties. The indoor garden and the sunken garden, along with various types of outdoor spaces, offer a place of promenade and relaxation where visitors can enjoy the vitality of the nature.

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Samoo Architects & Engineers

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