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Santa Catarina Public Library, Florianopolis, Brazil

Tuesday 20 Apr 2010

Connect and enhance

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04/05/10 Mike Aldana, Villahermosa
Saludos felicidades por este proyecto se ve muy bien estructurado, tienen reseña del proyecto de la biblioteca Vasconcelos de DF?
30/04/10 Chris, Paris
Like the red rooftop, and the use of the natural light and ventilation...
27/04/10 Samuel, London
Interesting concept. Nice interiors.
27/04/10 Philip, Kampala
Nice simple design, however 18 steps floor to floor, must be either very high steps or very low ceilings, like to be convinced that it can work!


Design for new public library creates double height ceilings and reading roof terrace 

Coming second in a national competition for the Santa Catarina Public Library in Florianopolis, Brazil, this project was designed by a collective group of individual architects from São Paulo, Brazil: Rafael Brych, João Paulo Payar, Matheus M.R. Alves and Ricardo Felipe Gonçalves. The Santa Catarina competition included the renovation of a former administrative building, to be adapted at a later date into a public library. A major factor of the competition was a limited budget, forcing the architects to create a low cost design.

One of the main projects faced by the architecture team was the monotonous space inside the building, with low ceilings and inadequate room for the open spatiality desired for library use. The design approach was therefore focused on the reconfiguration of this ‘bureaucratic space’ into a true cultural landmark for Santa Catarina, taking advantage of the merits of the existing building and adjusting it through interventions concise but no less incisive. In doing so, the architects had to explore alternatives to connect and enhance the existing interior space.

The final design includes a sequence of stairways, articulated through new areas of double height ceilings, obtained through meticulous subtractions of sectors of each floor slab. The result is a diagonal axis which allows the visual integration of the entire building from the ground floor access to the last new floor, transforming segregated areas into continuous spaces. At the top of the structure is a new roof terrace, occupied with reading areas and covered in red steel. Not only does this set the building apart from its neighbours, but it is aims to attract new users to the public library. The structure is presented to the urban environment mediated by a new discrete facade, consisting of light fabric panels with progressive levels of transparency, allowing light to be filtered into the building with varied intensity, depending on the activities in each individual area.

Sian Disson
Editorial Assistant

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