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KEPCO Headquarters International Design Competition, Naju, South Korea

Tuesday 06 Apr 2010

Korean Electric Power Corporation Headquarters

H Associates 
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KEPCO’s Green Energy Park promotes new awareness about energy lifecycle 

Instead of following the typical office tower template for a segregated tower/podium/landscape hierarchy, the design inverts the normative scheme to create a polycentric organisation with an open civic space at the heart of the site. The sloped green roofs of the podium integrate with the landscape. This topographical strategy forms valleys that channel light and enhance air circulation while creating pedestrian friendly connections.

A helical atrium extends from the central plaza and moves up the 29-storey tower and increases ventilation, natural light, and views. This atrium buffers the office space from harsh weather conditions and naturally ventilates the building during mild weather. Sun shading devices are unique on each side of the tower and a north side moss catch system naturally insulates the building. Solar collectors of the building skin system and of the solar field harvest the sun’s energy while daylight sensors and smart control systems reduce energy waste.

Atop of the landscape podium is a field of wind turbines that transforms strong westward winds into energy. The wind valley between the podium masses captures prevailing winds to circulate air into the open public spaces and propels this wind vertically through the atrium. Water retention systems and green pavement parking prevent excessive runoff and waste. Rainwater is harvested, filtered, and treated through various features including rain farms, and gray water is reused for landscape irrigation and building plumbing. Geothermal systems are integrated into the periphery of the site and the green roofs further insulate the podium mass.

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