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Design-concept, Khabarovsk, Russia

Tuesday 04 Sep 2007

A building that doesn't want to be a building

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Elena Kovshun's design-concept 

The following architectural concept evidently leads away from a usual image of an architectural object and represents a possible example of using not traditional for architecture technologies for the purposes of architectural constructing. The essence of this concept is creating of a multi-functional interactive architectural space, also able to change its geometrical configuration depending on usage demands. Constructively the structure appears as a synthesis of hydraulic technologies and experience of membrane structures. The whole object is a system of three placed radially transformable segments. Each segment represents a kind of transformable console, to which a system of mobile floor-levels and girder carcass for membrane cover are connected. Transformable console itself represents a system of hydraulic plungers, whose work is ruled by a central computer. Thanks to the ability of a console to change its length parameter - the space, that is carried by it, changes its volume. All the necessary communications are planned to be situated in the static centre of the structure. A web of sensors is integrated into the partly transparent multi-layer flexible cover of the object and generates energy out of sun radiation. The received energy is then directed to special collectors, from where - under the ruling of computer - it is delivered to all the necessary points of the system, including a pumps block, who answers for the work of hydraulic consoles. A web of thermal threads, also integrated into the cover, is responsible for inner climate of the structure. This three-part structure, in fact, can be seen as a planning module, hence -several such transformable objects, united into a system, can give an endless number of planning configurations. Besides, as far as the structure mostly develops in an over-ground level, it takes not so much place on the ground and thanks to this peculiarity can be placed in difficult or non-traditional city situations. For more information email Elena Kovshun - e@leodesign.at

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