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The Ecorium Project of The National Ecological Institute, Seocheon, South Korea

Friday 22 Jan 2010

Eden of the South

Samoo Architects & Engineers 
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08/04/12 Maurice c. Young, la
Very impressive I must say.
06/02/10 Chris, Raleigh
Perhaps its designed as a multinational eco-community.
01/02/10 Vas, Fremont CA
Very creative and imaginative design

What is the energy consumption for sustaining interior temperature in winter?
Is there a need for energy economy through lighting control and HVAC especially in winter?

How id the water, fertilizer consumption optimized?
26/01/10 Andrew, LA
Why aren't the people in the drawings Korean?


South Korea's eco domes revealed 

Samoo Architecture, in collaboration with Grimshaw Architects, has revealed its plans for what could be called the Eden Project of the South. Part of the upcoming National Ecological Institute(NEI) of South Korea site, The Ecorium Project will provide optimum conditions for a large ecosystem across 33,090 sq m of floor area.

As in Cornwall's Eden Project the Ecorium Project is comprised a series of interlinking domes, although in this case the domes are wedge-shaped greenhouses. High technology tracks the sun and adapts the internal environment appropriately to create a global eco-environment across the spaces. No shade is used, only shade simulation by arrangement. The exterior is finished in metal panel, low iron low-e double glazing, wood and plexiglas.

"The National Ecological Institute, South Korea is intended to do comprehensive study of the converging eco-systems of nature, human and climate to ensure safety, stability and the harmonious coexistence of competing agendas," said a spokesperson for Samoo. "The NEI will play a important role as a think tank for research and policy making. Additionally, this institution will foster and nurture the general public’s awareness, educate and the importance of the environment through exhibitions and education programs."

The Ecorium Project will form the core of this programme and outwardly expresses both its importance in the directive and its synergy with nature. Sinuous, leaf-like lines are used and echoed within the landscaping. Seen from above the structure would appear as a tributary river. The wider NEI plans are currently enduring the tendering process but will eventually see a large wild plant reserve, wetlands reserve, visitors centre and railway join the Ecorium to create a public haven for the study of nature.

Key Facts

Status Planning
Value 80(m€)
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Samoo Architects & Engineers

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