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CBS Building, Tokyo, Japan

Friday 15 Jan 2010

Three piece suite

George Dasic Architects 
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Dasic Architects completes steel floating cubes office building in Tokyo 

3 distinctively different interior functions called for the design of the recently completed CBS building to be programmatically arranged: Work, Rest and Play. The 'work' area needed office space and seminar rooms. 'Rest' would need a pod for use between seminars, to relax after work and occasional overnight stays. 'Play' would be catered for in a workshop and gallery.

The site is located in Shinbashi, a Tokyo transport hub. Roads are narrow and buildings small and tightly packed. The building perimeter was pulled away from the street creating a sense of open space, more associated with European urban fabric and unique in this area. Since the seminar business has frequent visitors arriving and leaving the building it allowed for a transition space. Furthermore, it avoided the feeling of competing with cars for the entrance, so common within back streets of Tokyo.

Increased setback reduced the footprint of the building, but permitted four comfortable height floors. This followed a concept of 3 floating cubes, stacked in the order of programmatic hierarchy.

The cubes are clad in cut steel panels, which created a structural skin assisting with lateral seismic forces. The strip windows separating cubes created a diffused up light effect suitable for a gallery and seminar space. Pod, on the other hand, is all orientated upwards. The ceiling is extruded acting as a chimney drawing warmer air from the lower floors and releasing them outside. The top glass roof is louvred to minimize heat intake while allowing in plenty of light. The steel elevation panels are heavily insulated protecting the building from direct heat, plus the office areas benefit from the extra insulation of the Shina-gohan cladding.

Shortly after completion the client suffered a ski injury severely restricting mobility. The work, rest and play design concept was proved by his ability to safely carry on his business and lifestyle while rarely leaving the building.

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