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Southport Broadwater Parklands, Southport, Australia

Wednesday 13 Jan 2010

Whitearchitecture sails into port

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Queensland's Broadwater Parklands become reality 

Whitearchitecture has completed the Southport Broadwater Parklands, a world class civic space that will play host to major sporting and cultural events in Queensland, Australia. Designed by the Queensland-based firm, the Parklands feature a series of integrated and contemporary sustainable buildings.

Simon White of Whitearchitecture said: “We are very pleased with the way the Parklands fits within the urban fabric of Southport and are confident that this space will provide the perfect setting for the community to enjoy a host of public and sporting events.”

Located on a brownfield site the Parklands offers a variety of activities to take place bringing renewed life to this area of Southport. The Parklands includes the Pier Pavilion, which houses a display gallery and visitor centre, the Outdoor stage, the Southport Pier, the Amenities Building and the BBQ Pavilions.

The architecture is inspired by the surrounding boats and sails and is created by the fracturing of pure geometric shapes. The white perforated skin that wraps the buildings on all sides includes integrated feature lighting within the façade to ensure that the structures glow throughout the night. The importance of large public events within the site has influenced the design of the structures with a reinforcement of the 'processional' nature of major events and the accommodation of spectators being major factors in the way the layout of the buildings has been conceived.

The Pier Pavilion building’s dual skin screening façade treatment shades the internal spaces from direct sunlight, minimising thermal mass radiation, and the integration of green roof areas provide significant insulation of ground floor internal spaces. A large skylight ensures the office and gallery spaces are bathed in natural light and all internal partitions and services have been laid out flexibly to ensure future adaptability as the park evolves and possible retail and commercial uses become a reality.

Extensive ‘end of trip facilities’ have been provided to encourage city workers to jog or cycle to work and reduce reliance on vehicles, while a spine of shade structures lined with solar panels creates a large proportion of the park’s energy production to reduce the park’s reliance on the mains power grid.

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